One of song that make me remember about ‘it’ ( i don’t want to refer with ‘she’ or ‘he’ ) :
shining star..
like a little diamond,,makes me love, …..blablabla..

why ? its because one of the singers who sing the song have similiar story with us
me. Yeah, i feel betrayed when i know from OTHERS that u have to go. i’m mad. why u didn’t tell me first before i heard that from anothers.
and i’ve cried too. when i see that singer is cryin on stage, i cried once. Thats when i remembered that i like nothing to you compared to another person.
Yeah.. but i think i’m wrong. maybe its just somethin like, u still uncomfortable around me, or maybe my thought about friendship have a lower standard level than u.
Yeah.. kind of alarmed that we’re still not that close.
I often try to know more about you
I try to talk about other things beside our same hobby, but still i am acknowledge you
maybe i’m stupid or what
today, i try to talk again about ‘that other things’ with you.
bcoz i don’t want our relationship is just ‘hobby partner’, hey,, we know each other for years, not just 1 year,
so i hope we can really become friend
but, again, you avoide it.
u know,, i want to help you.. really.. i think about how to do it, to help you, over and over
I’m afraid i hurt you, so i keep my path carefully, tryin to sync with you, and hold my thought for a long time.
So, Please.. could u more open to me ? i don’t want to be just stranger..

i know that you have a problem.. so lets try to solve it together.. because i feel that you are my friend..
Lets rise together.. become a new person, stop avoid the problem, i know you can, i really know,
Really, i want to find the way to make you better. not shutting in, cos i know how sad it is when we lost our precious time..
Pliz lets rise up together., become a better person..
U said u want it right ? So Lets make it true.. should i ask

Urineun…tomodachi..ka ?


Urineun.. tomodachi..deshou ?

i hope i can ask the 2nd question.. watashi to anata wa tomodachi darou ?


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