Love in the Ice – Tohoshinki (DBSK) (via now everything is silent…)

This is my number 1 favorite song of dbsk5. T_T.
The lyric is awesome and touched for me
I really love the lyric, really..yunho’s part ‘DOn’t be afraid’ made me shivered in someway, then junsu high note part followed by jae-ho-min-chun is the daebak one. but the beginning part was wow,..
i think i was trying to say that all part of this song is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

The next song that I am sharing is a Japanese song by Tohoshinki (DBSK). The song Love in the Ice was releases together with their 13th Japanese single, Summer. This was released sometime in 2007. I’m posting the Japanese version of the song. DBSK recently included the Korean version of this song in their Mirotic album (last track). I will be posting the Korean version later :D. By the way, thanks to my koibito6 and angel_vampire03  for sharing t … Read More

via now everything is silent…


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