Great Quotes

I’ve found this in youtube when i watched tablo songs- home :

And here is i want to keep this words in my mind. For you whoever said this. Thank you.. i hope you’ll not  mind it as i post your words here and even captured it since you write this as the answer for other commenter in the video and not mine. hope you don’t mind though. 🙂

This is my most favorited lines :

Would you rather be miserable for your whole life, feeling sorry for yourself or to know you once did experience love and joy and you were able to share happiness with others ?

And this :

love yourself. It might sounds selfish but if you have enough love for yourself, you’ll be able to show your love to others without suffocating them. If you are happy then you wont always need self-assurance and use others as a life jacket.

credit : 1ceque3n


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