Around love/finding love/being loved/

Just want to share another great words i stumbled across few minutes ago.
Words will only be a words, but sometimes that ‘only words’ can help to cure more than u imagine. 🙂

here is it :
Never let someone else control how you feel. Don’t allow yourself to have your day/week/year ruined because someone doesn’t treat you the way you wish they would treat you. Don’t let your life evolve around love/finding love/being loved (that’s how you get your heart broken); YOU and your friends should be the most important things in your life right now. Don’t waste your time trying to “fit in” and be “accepted” – spend your time finding out who you are! To hell with the rest! Don’t rush it with boys just because you want to feel loved; QUALITY over quantity girl!
You WILL find a special someone, and NO you won’t have to wait until you’re 40. He will come, and he will be worth the wait.

credit :


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