[review] kim jaejoong – mine

ROCK YEAH!!!!! Haha.. At first i listened to the song MINE, i kinda baffled. Wow, it feels like i am listening to japanese rock music, u know kind of L’arc en ciel, etc. i thought Mine will be great to be put up as one of japanese drama / anime soundtrack. And honestly, first listened to the song i kinda, what the?! I don’t like this. But after second listening, the song started to invade my mind. Lol
The MV scared me a bit, with those dark concept, snake, vampire, diamond mask, raven, wow, that’s a bit…. (couldn’t tell you) and not so like jaejoong.. But then i remembered how he few times years ago, saying about him liking rock song, i felt happy for him.. It’s like break free from all the strain he had on the past, get rid off the image he need to put up in the past, i felt happy for him.
anyway, back to the album. as always,, i went straight to loving the ballads. Ugh, what a hopeless romantic *puke,lol. Not really* i am.
His song for ‘Jackal is Coming’ movie soundtrack got my attention so bad. I love that song a lot.

… sarang, sarang, nal borigoga sarang,
Sarang, sarang

Waaa… (gonna add the title How could i even forget the title of the song i like..haha. Really a type of me.).
The repetitive lyrics, the melody, not to mention jaejoong voice.haha, of course, his voice is my fav. since he’s still in dbsk/tvxq ftw.

Anyway, back to the song : MINE, it did a great job to keep me calm when i felt so troubled with somethin and couldn’t let it out. that’s why it become the song i listened to lately…

Okay, that’s a bit of my ‘know-it-all’ review..haha, u can agree or disagree with me. Until then… Seeya! 😀


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