People are just hard to satisfy aren’t they? At first they tried to reach what they want to achieve but when they finally arrived there they want more.

When we were a child, a candy was a really big thing but now it’s all depend on the price. That time, we were enough with only our parents cared for us, but as we grew we craved for more attention from more people.

Time changed us, environment where we lived had a big role in the changing. Some people think they changed into better while some other think the otherwise.

When we’re a kid, we want to grew fast and becoming adult really soon but then when we’re aged more the wish to come back at a certain time in the past, when we’re still clueless about a lot of thing. Thinking that our childhood was free from problem and filled with fun and happy times. But if it was really like that, then why did we want to grew up and turned into adult quickly, at that time?

Maybe everything is about gratitude. How we dwell in the difficult time and it feels so hard to move on and change the worst into a better one, even if it’s just for a little bit. How we forgot or rather choosed to pretend that we couldn’t see that there’s someone precious beside us only to end up regretting for being clueless when we finally lost the person. How we keep regretting something that we lost rather than changing our view to be grateful that at least we still have something left. How we often see something smaller than its actual value. How we often drowned and getting frustrated by our flaws that visible for people around us without trying to focus ont the good thing and trying to fix the bad one bit by bit. How we forgot to look around take notice that we actually had more than some people around who should struggling everyday even if it’s just for breathing the free air.

Sometimes we blamed ourself for the lacks or troubles happened but sometimes we blame the others_even when we knew that they’re actualy innocent_ just to protect ourself and feel safe alone.
But then human are all like that. Even the most cruel one must have done something good which a nice person might wasn’t able to do. It must be work the otherwise as well. The nice human might have done bad things even if it was done secretively. We never know. Because the people who know us the better is ourself.
People are running on a cycle. Acting on their own stage. Sometimes they played good role and sometimes bad. Sometimes they remembered to be grateful sometimes they forget. Noone should always feeling inferior for the sins they’ve done because every other people also once created one.

This post was posted not to be taken as offense to anyone, this also isn’t my way to act like know-it-all and going around in making advices. This was a post for your constant reminder. Not the ‘you’ literally ‘you’ but the ‘you’ who wrote all of this, which means myself. This is intended to be like a cure. Reminding cure. For this soul who tend to forget to feel grateful. For the personality which always looked inferior, you’re precious dear. You have the same right like any other people to be happy.And even if you feel like you were nowhere near it, assure yourself that you will get it oneday. Not once, twice, nor thrice of happiness. It will happen a lot, often. And dont forget that you must’ve already felt it. It was either you missed it or you actually felt it but forgot to value it as supposed to be. That’s why dont lose courage, you’re happy because you supposed to be happy as you’re created with happiness so you will be happy.
Cheer up, git! Read this again and again when you feel discouraged. Because you’re okay, you will be okay because every single problem have its solutions and after tears there’re also smiles. And after the suffocating times there’s relief. 🙂


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