Aren’t we lying?

When we said that we’ll never forget each other
Right there.
At the top of the place where we used to be hang out together waiting for our next classes?

Aren’t we lying?
When we said that we’ll keep in touch and will always spare time for each other at least to talk about what happened today?

Aren’t we lying?
When we’re being asked what to choose between hang out together or going on a dates with the boyfriend then we said that number one option will be the definite answer?

Aren’t we lying?
When one of us was crying then we said that she’ll always have us beside her?

Aren’t we lying?
When we said that we’re always listening and all ears whenever one of us need someone to talk to, someone to get advice from and someone to listen without judging her like everyone else did?

Aren’t we lying?
When we said to one of us who was facing a difficult time that they’ll always have us so they don’t need to feel alone?

Aren’t we lying ?
That, there, and the other times too.

Aren’t we lying?
What’s the purpose? To make someone feels better so we fed her up with empty words and pulling out all the sweet talking ability that we have on us?

Aren’t we lying?
Does that feel good?

Aren’t we lying for us? For them? For the sake of whom?

Aren’t we lying?
…. To satisfy our needs that we had done good deeds for them who’re in need?

That’s a good thing…. Right?
That’s all white lies… Isn’t that?
We did the best already..


Aren’t we lying too?
Right now?


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