What do you think of me?

Honestly, i have this random idea suddenly pop up in my mind.
Actually sometimes..err..well.. Often actually, i was curious about what people think of my personality.. In a bad way and of course the positive way. So, if any of you, readers, or maybe someone who happened to stumble in this blog just because ‘getting lost in a sea of silly tags’ , i’ll be glad to read about your opinion about me, well, no problem if u judge me based on my posts here, but it will be awesome if you actually knew me/had met me in real life, i want to know about how do you think of me..
Feel free to bash me, but please stay polite.
As if someone will waste time to write here though..
Most people/ blog walker actually silent reader or just too lazy to leave comment. Well,maybe besides those spams comments which already reach more than five hundreds came on my comments box. And about silent readers, i know it, bcoz i might be one of them..kk, why bother to ask? but well, i’m still expecting though,, couldn’t lie..haha


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