everything just keep falling apart
And i did and am doing such a bad job
Everyone’s hurt
But neither care to ask each other if they’re okay
Everyone sick but no one try to understand that each other was bearing their own pain
Do guys are all like that?
Running away from the responsibility they should take care? Or maybe in their mind saying that they’re actually did what they should done?
Do guys are all like that?
When they couldn’t get what they wished for, they get angry, venting it out like a bomb and then just left angrily, without even trying to understand the reason and the others position?
Are guys all like that?
They just sweet when they’re in the middle of achieving someone’s heart and after they got it, the excitement are lost and they just go back being indifferent?
Are all guys like that?
Thinking that it was enough that they provide their family with enough money so they dont need to involve in household problem?
Are all guys like that?
Moving on so fast after losing someone important? Or they just use it first to run away from pain but still ended up, liking it trully in the end?
Are all guys like that?
despise to be in the same room with even his own daughter?
Or acting like a spoiled brat most in his days?
if it is so, then i guess you manage to make me afraid with something called wedding
what for? To have someone left me alone once again after at the beginning they filled me with empty words about being together?


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