seriously, i am getting more suspicious that he’s already moving on. At one point, i despise that, but on the other hand, i know that man need someone to take care of them ( heck yeah, as if woman and girls doesn’t. Are guys weaker in this aspect then?). Well, despised because i am sure he’s not the type who can do multitasking, taking care of everything. Haha, when he only had one, he even made home like a shelter so if have two? I wonder..
And stupidly, i couldn’t also confront him directly. Coward much huh, being the second oldest and all. I could explode at one point though, i am sure and maybe if that time came, i’ll scream out everything which could be more than hurtful for him to imagine. But dissapointedly, i couldn’t. Why? Two biggest reasons. First, rather than good memories, i could only recall glares, fierce words and curses from him and the second is, because i am afraid, he’ll left. Yeah, judging from all this time, i am sure he’s the type who’ll run away if he heard something bad about himself.


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