[ignore] Things i want to do…

… With my future man…

1. Amusement park adventure (oh, come on.. This sounds cliche, still, its still sounds toooo fun to ignore..haha)
2. Museum dates. With him explaining ‘clever things’ (even if sometimes he failed and his words turned into silliest joke.haha.. )
3. Watching theatre/musical. Oh boy.. This should be on the first number but i am too lazy to exchange and remove the list. Kkk

Hahaha, ignore that words above. Anyway this is the new lists of things i want to do in my life [and things i haven’t got the chance to do ] 🙂

1. Watching musical /theatre shows
2. Backpack travelling while doing great photography by myself to record the memories
3. playing tag games with friends (trust me, people above 20 years old not really like this idea.i think, but i really really really want to play this game sooooo much and being a kid once in a
4. Visiting every of my closest friends home town (yeah, sadly, people whom i think is the closest to me are living out of town!!!)
5. Karaokeing until hoarse (mostly kpop song, even if i barely follow the recent one.hehe..)
6. Watching JYJ(i actually want db5k, but it’s almost impossible now right?) concert, SMTown, super junior, beast, and infinite concert.
7. To be continued..


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