So freakin sleepy. My fault though for not sleeping well in the last three days. Well, after the last seven months my life cycle changed so drastically, i should’ve known that i supposed to use my spare time to rest nicely. But then, something got on the way.
So many people already yelled out to the world about how we should use our time wisely so we would not regretting later on. How they said that we should work hard when we’re still young , how we should living life to the fullest, something like that. But well, some people are just that dense. Only realized the truth behind those advice later after they experienced a crisis themselves. Only put the best on their effort after an event or two hit them hard and threw them into the time where they felt that they’re on the lowest level of their life. Yeah, i am one of them i think.
Now, when it feels like i want to do something for my life, i feel like time won’t let me. Well, it’s all about priority, probably. But the thought about how i feel like i couldn’t lead my own life is frustrating. Sometimes just too much.
I feel like stealing time in between doing my top priorities, but then it’s also not enough at all. My physical state wasn’t one that could be called as good. Lack of sleep even managed to get me cranky all day, sometimes to the scariest level which it could explode in a way that i might regret later. the top priorities have already took lot of my time in a day and staying overnight just to make me feel that ‘i still can do things that i decided myself’ sometimes just too tiring. Well, it shouldn’t be like that, though? Because i once heard that if someone loved the thing they do, then they won’t feel tired at all to sarifice their resting time to do that. So then, i don’t love the thing i do right now? Well maybe. Maybe because the biggest reason for me doing ‘the thing’ is mostly because i just want to feel that i still have ‘me’. You might or might not understand this. Well it’s not like you supposed to. šŸ™‚
I know my priorities list already, but still, sometimes i just want to take a breath, not literally, and experience the thing i thought i may have experienced if the life is on the different way from today.
Yeah.. Just saying.
Because i need to let some of this out.


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