#Diary entry October, 6th 2013

It’s already monday though, but i’ll write for yesterday, sunday. Crazy day.
Nuri,my baby sister, got hurt twice in a day.
First, while i’m busy peeling potatoes, she played with some plastic bucket, slipped and her chin hit it. She bitten her own lips accidentally and it’s bleeding.
And the second one, argh, the one frustrating me and made me panicked a lot. I was holding hot porridge and she slipped near me, reached the plate and bam! the porridge poured on her arms. She even screamed a little when she cried, no wonder, it must be hurt a lot. I brought her immediately to pour cold water on the injuried arms, as usual, that babygirl never dwell on her pain too long *sigh, idk if i should feel glad or bad about this fact*, she smiled, giggling, and laughing not long after, maybe feeling funny bcoz i’m washing her arms with cold water.. Aigoo, that girl..
Should learn a lot from her and i hope i can take care of her better..

PS: i think my gastric is on it, again, my stomach felt uncomfortable and queasy..i hate this..arghhh…


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