[Personal #2] Sleep

I wonder when will she start sleeping peacefully ?
It just frustrated me, moreover when it seems like she was so hurt (not physically) when she was crying on her sleep.

I read some articles, saying that baby will actually sleep peacefully when they reached the age of six months. But she had reached a year already but the cries keep happening.

Sometimes i thought that maybe.. just maybe she actually dreamt about mom..somehow, but then who knows, she couldn’t be able to talk or tell us what she was dreaming of and even if it was true.. when will it stops? Bcoz it seems like whatever it was that made her cried (dreams or whatever it is), it’s hurt her a lot and that just feeling the worst when we could only witness it happened but couldn’t do anything to reduce the pain, besides trying to sushed her and lullaby her until she able to continue her sleep again.


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