Current Status : Missing Jpop Fanworld

Current Status : Missing Jpop Fanworld
Yup. Totally. Why? Because it seems like my brain still worked properly when i was fangirling over jpop group. It was quiet from fanwar, stupid delusional obsession and possesiveness toward the artist, also didn’t lose too much part of myself (trans: well, this part is for me to understand for you to find and ah, right. There was no scary sasaeng who loved to upload their pictures of hurting themselves only to get attention (at least back then i didn’t see any cases about japanese group/artist’s sasaeng).

The impression looked calmer, didn’t it ? The movie plot also more varied with uncommon ending (a/n: besides those movies adapted from shoujo manga, maybe). There’s also so much life messages i’ve got from watching my favourite japanese movie genres.

Yeah, i think i am comparing now. It’s not that i ever involved in kpop fanwar though, because honestly just stumbling on it accidentally had succesfully making me sick on the stomach. My opinion might offended them who’re an avid fans though, especially those who active in fanwar and involved a lot in it.

Because for me,such dedication for people who didn’t even know we’re exist neither acknowledged our name isn’t ‘appropriate’. I mean, hey, come on, some people bash an artist we admired and then we got offended and defend him/her so hard when the result for our attempt was actually so obvious. Haters gonna hate right? Is there any fanwar who ended up with the person who had bashed someone admitted their mistake? There must be some, but i’m sure it wasn’t a lot.

I’m writing all of this doesn’t mean that i’m hating kpop world or something along that line. It just the way the hardcore kpop fangirls showing their affection to their idol was just seems too much for me that it isn’t make sense anymore. Moreover those who had turned into sasaeng that acted as if the world revolve around her and the idol only. Also how they had abused the artist rights and privacy while some of them even didn’t hesitate to hurt their idol physically with the excuse that they wanted to be remembered of. The sound of it just purely ridiculous, don’t you think? I was cringed, half of me feeling disgust, concern, and the other half was terrified reading about how the fans threw themselves in front of a car in front of their idol, just so they would know how it felt to be saved by their hero. How those young girls sent the artist their sanitary pad (and it was used one, can you believe that?!!) as a gift, how there are some of those fans who carved their idol name on their skin with razor. That just..i don’t know, sick ??

Ah, i got carried away and make the topic getting Anyway the conclusion is i missed fangirling peacefully :D.


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