[Personal #3] Nice Hangout

I don’t know.. The title sounds a little bit odd for my ear but just let it slip for now. 😀
Anyway, today’s idul adha celebration for moeslem religion and it’s holiday in here of course. So i kinda use the chance to go out abit with my sister and also baby sister. We went to taman lalu lintas (hmm… the place name in english is,idk, traffic park/traffic garden? Lol.) and it’s fun i think, especially for little kids, and it’s not that expensive. There are lot of plays there, such as swings and seesaw(?) ah, such a shame i couldn’t remember their name in english and just to lazy to think long about it. Anyway, that kind of park might be free out there, besides in my country, but yeah still the entrance ticket is still not that expensive rather than another place such as zoo, etc.

The entrance need 6000 IDR per people/umm about $0.5-$0.6 (and bcoz i used motorbike, the parking fee was 3000 IDR/$0.2-$0.3 for as long as you stay there.kk), if u want to ride the small train (most likely an otobike that had modified to be like train) u should pay more, u need to add about 5000 IDR, and if you want to play indoor where the kids can ride different ride, robot, yeah something like that, which was using coins, u need to pay 2000 IDR per coin, while thrampoline game need 5000 IDR, well, that’s the play that need paying, but if u’re just coming there to walk around, enjoying the view, the varies of animal statues which you can use to take pictures, or you can also using the place for small picnis because there’re still lot of trees there that could be used as the great place for laying the matress and sleep (umm,, wait..what?!!) lol. Kidding, but nope, actually i’m serius.. It was such a calm and cool place that might lullaby you to sleep. haha..
There are also place to get snacks and drinks, even ice cream cone inside the place, but i think the price was too much, it could be doubled than the common price outside, so i think it’ll be better to bring food,snacks or even drinks from home, or maybe grab some from nearest mini market.

So yeah, my baby sister kinda sleepy i think though.. She keep yawning here and there, lol and because she’s only pass one year old, she couldn’t really enjoy the plays like swings or seesaw. She looked kinda lost..haha, but she liked the giraffe statue a lot and we took lot of picture of her there. Haha maybe if she’s older we’ll take her again so she can enjoy being there more..kk, she loves the walking though.. it seems like she wasn’t tired to keep walking around, while me, lol, maybe bcoz lack of exercise, got tired so easily..aigoo..
Anyway, it was such a nice out today.
Maybe this isn’t special post at all, but ah, bcoz i love blabbering random things with writing like this, i still posted this..kkk.


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