That’s hurt.
It seems more that those feeling just came barged in altogether, wanted to resolve and mixed together, though, it couldn’t.
Nonetheless, it appeared, continuously changing themselves within the shortest amount of time. Making it couldn’t be more overwhelming than ever.
Unable to be controlled and just wrecked all the guts also positive ion of thoughts that was only in small amount left.
How scary human being’s jealousy could be ?
It cant be happy with other’s property
It keeps wanting to destroy another person’s good destiny
It’s tiring. Maybe. But it’s swallowing you like a dark evil circle where you couldn’t find your exit and made it seems like an impossible task.
You’re bad. Worse. Worst. As if there was a judging pointed finger directed right at you.
All had already left.
Because they afraid to be contamined with the dirty and disgusted darkness already ingulfed it.
No one stay.
Even the last person it thought would stay because of the experience.
But again. It was an oasis. Deceiving and in the end tormenting even when at the start it looks so inviting.
It was written clearly on it. The plead for them to not give up on it. Later it thought, maybe those writing was carved by invicible transparent ink.
All part of the world moving, but it cant even find the source of the power that could make it twitch an inch.
It felt inhuman. The most different one, out of the sea of humanity that had pulled those inviting hopes only to turn it around with nothing left to see anything they left behind. Because they had joined the world.
The normal one. The common one. The healthy one. While it still left on the same place, though it seems far behind the actual same place with swirling head, trying to make out what it’s actual purpose, and how to find her sense back.
Because it miss The One.
Because it miss the quiet before those storms. Because it miss it’s humanity.
Because it miss it’s proper feeling.
Because it miss the logical thing.
Because it miss the possible hopes.
Because it’s longing the joy, the fun, the proper tears, the correct timer between day and night, the coherent anger, the cute bickers, and also the great feeling of reality.
Well, maybe because it missed you.

(written by me between the jumble thoughts)

I dare you to understand.


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