Some people might think luxury is when you have more. More than a car, more than a house, more than an account bank saving with full of money that more than enough to buy more things.
Some other people may have feltluxury as they could go touring the world, exploring beautiful places in every country they visited, taking pictures for memories, and buy merchandise to be given to relative or friends when they had back to their own country.
For some people luxury means the time they could use to have fun everyday, without the needs to think about how to earn money or how to live tomorrow because everything had been arranged nicely.
For other people luxury is when they could went to relax between their busy schedule, visiting spa, getting some massage, relieving the burden and stress they’ve got from everyday works.
While other people may think luxury is the amount of time in a day you could use to sleep and forget about the complication of the world.
As for me, the me in the morning, luxury is when i can have someone at home, helping to watch out my baby sister while i’m finishing the house chores.
Maybe this isn’t really a fair comparison but well, this is the thought passed on my head that i want to write out.